e-Commerce Shipping

e-Commerce Shipping

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e-Commerce Shipping

e-Commerce is the fastest growing segment of the logistics parcel industry. More than ever, it’s becoming important for couriers to have a solid platform to run operations.

Failure to deliver on-time is the biggest issue in the e-commerce shipment space today. We can help you identify opportunities in your processes and unify your systems to make sure drivers are arriving on-time every time.

Being flexible means changing a driver’s schedule at a moment’s notice, real time. This can disrupt a platform not equipped for such changes. Our solutions anticipate the unexpected changes that always occur, allowing quick rescheduling of stops without negatively impacting your entire fleet or customers.

Cost control begins with shipping contracts or quotes which can deeply impact your company bottom line. Data analytics can provide insight into the efficiency and cost effectiveness of different modes of shipment including inbound, outbound, same-day shipments, and inventory management using automated data collection systems. We help setup a cost structure inside your system so you can reliably quote, competitively adjust pricing and control contractor settlements.

Communication is key to keeping your customers satisfied. If a delivery is going to be late, it’s best to proactively manage and notify customers. We help to ensure notification are delivered so customer have communication methods in place including tracking systems, customer portals and email/SMS notifications.

" I've spent my career working with small parcel couriers. Never before have I seen such a disruptive force as e-Commerce. "
Cary McEnany
Vice President

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