Last-Mile Delivery

Last-Mile Delivery

Last-Mile Solutions

Last mile logistics allow shippers to get more products cost effectively to consumers, both are critical concerns in optimization in e-commerce and omnichannel supply chain. Getting route and load solutions has many internal and external factors that can negatively impact last-mile shipments. 

Knowing what to look for and what to avoid is just part of the process.  Knowing how to plan and proactively measure for success is critical. Consumers are willing to pay premiums for better last mile delivery services, such as same-day or instant delivery.

The ever-increasing challenge for last-mile carriers is determining how to most efficiently consolidate and distribute shipments. We take constraints, such as real-time local traffic, into consideration along with help from powerful route optimization algorithms to determine most effective distribution of parcels per driver.

Getting your last-mile shipments out to customers fast is your goal. You need to know how and when to deliver and spread your shipments across drivers efficiently yet keeping your customers satisfied. We understand the challenges with the fast-paced environment of last-mile delivery services and will help you stay on the path to success.

Fleets operating in city or rural areas bring about new challenges to couriers trying to move shipments among multiple areas in a short time frame. Knowing your routes and optimizing them for the most efficient delivery across your fleet is key to successfully traversing the last-mile landscape. We help you integrate dynamic route planning into your operations.

Having visibility of your entire fleet provides the super admin power you need to control a real-time operation. This is becoming more apparent as driver tracking GPS has taken root in everyday delivery operations. We help you implement GPS tracking combined with enhanced metric collection to provide real-time decision-making tools for your fulfillment planner.

" Last Mile has becoming a key focal point for supply chains. Increasingly more packages are being delivered which means more opportunity "
Cary McEnany
Vice President

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